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So, I decided it would be fun to hold a little challenge.  It involves real snow, so unfortunately, I won't be able to participate myself since I live somewhere where it doesn't snow, but I thought it would be fun to see what other people can create.  I know winter is almost over now and this would've been better had I thought of this in December, but I think it is still snowing in some places atleast. The challenge is to build a snowman/ snow sculpture of any character from Frozen, then take a photo of your creation, upload that photo to DA, and then submit it to the group.  After that, there will be a poll for the group members to vote on who has the best snow creation.  You are allowed to make more than one snow character and in fact ,that's encouraged.  It's encouraged to have multiple characters interacting as well, such as Elsa and Anna hugging or ice-skating together, Anna and Kristoff kissing, Olaf riding Sven's back, etc. Recreating scenes from  the movie in snow are encouraged as well such as creating a snow Anna protecting a snow Elsa from a snow Hans that's about to strike her with his sword for example.  Remember that the more characters you have and the more they are interacting with each, the more likely you are to be voted for.  Re-creations of scenes are probably very likely to have a lot of interest in them as well.  Please respond to this journal if you're interested in participating and then respond to it again with your finished piece so I can make a journal with a poll in it for voting that links to everyone's works.  Thanks.
We just reached over 100 members.

What should we do to celebrate?

-Contest  of some sort

-Art week (i.e. Helsa week, Elsanna week, Hanna week, Kristanna week, etc.)

-Themed drawings/artwork, but not as part of a contest

-All 3

Comment below. :)
I haven't been able to get on Deviantart for awhile because my work schedule had been murderous, but this week, I finally got a little less hours.  I apologize if your submission(s) expired during my absence. Please feel free to resubmit them if you want and I will try to accept them this week.
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I founded a new group called FrozenCrossovers dedicated to Frozen crossed with other media.

Please check it out and consider joining:…

Thanks. ^^
I've added some new folders to the gallery. Here's their descriptions.

Elsa x OC-Pictures featuring a pairing of Elsa x a fan and/or original character go here.

Elsa x Reader-Elsa x Reader fanfictions go here.

Elsacest Elsa x Elsa-Pictures featuring Elsa with herself go here. These can include friendship or romantic pairings like for example fanart of Elsa from A Snowflake in Spring x Elsa from r9k or Coronation Elsa x Ice Dress Elsa,etc.

Genderbend Elsa-Pictures featuring a male version of Elsa go here.

Alternate Elsa -Pictures featuring alternate versions of Elsa with different powers or as different creatures such as water Elsa, fire Elsa, earth Elsa, dark Elsa, evil Elsa, vampire Elsa, werewolf Elsa, mermaid Elsa,etc. go here.

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