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Welcome to the group. This is a fan group of Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

Here are few things to know to get you started:

1. Respect and be kind to all your fellow members.
2. Do not bash,flame, or otherwise argue about the ships/pairings you don't like or have any shipping wars. Live and yet live. Everyone has different opinions. That's what makes the world interesting.
3. Elsanna art, as in arts about romance between Elsa and Anna,including some that might be intimate, will always be allowed here,so if this deeply bothers you and you can't get past it showing up in your Deviantwatch, I highly suggest you don't watch or join the group and instead find a different Frozen group more to your liking. This is a group that strives to respect all pairings in the fandom equally and unbiasedly, regardless of what others may think about said pairings.
4.All art submitted into the group must include Elsa in some way. This means you can't submit any drawings of just Anna or of just Anna and Olaf,etc. You can however, submit a picture of Elsa and Olaf or Elsa and Anna or a picture of Elsa,Anna, and Olaf together as those 3 examples include Elsa in them somewhere.
5. All forms of art are accepted provided you made them yourself(fanfictions, drawings, photomanipulations, cosplay photography, Frozen merchandise photography, crafts such as dolls,etc.). However, this means that things you found on Tumblr as I've seen some people upload to their accounts are not allowed. This also means unaltered screenshots from the movie are not allowed, though photomanipulations using the screenshots are allowed. Any official artwork scans from any of the books such as the Big Golden Book, Frozen Graphic novel, or The Art of Frozen are not allowed either.
6. All mature arts,including fanfictions, must be clearly marked with a Mature Content Filter in order to be accepted into the group. While we are open to mature arts, we reserve the right to refuse content we find too inappropriate, some examples including but not limited to, glorification of rape of the characters, glorification of abuse of the characters, implied sexual behavior between the characters when they are children(i.e. little Anna and Elsa),etc.
7. Both Crossover characters(characters from other movies such as Tangled, Brave, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck-it-Ralph,etc.) and OCs(original characters) are allowed as long as Elsa is featured in the artwork with them.
End of Rules

Gallery Folder Instructions:
These are not real rules. This is just simply a guideline to help try and keep the group more organized. Unlike the rules listed above, you have no danger of being banned from the group if you don't follow these guidelines.

Only Elsa- This is the folder where artwork featuring only Elsa by herself goes.

Elsa and Family-This is where artwork featuring Elsa with her parents goes. It can also feature Elsa with her parents and Anna,but artwork with just Elsa and Anna should go in either the folder "Elsa and Anna Sister Love" or the folder "Elsanna Elsa x Anna Romantic Love" depending on what the artwork is depicting. OCs who are made to be Elsa's family can be depicted with her here to. Also,crossover characters made into family, such as Rapunzel, who several fans have a headcanon of being her and Anna's cousin, can be depicted with Elsa as well.

Elsa and Friends- This folder is for artwork depicting Elsa with characters she's not related to,but just friends with. This can include canon characters actually from the movie, such as Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Oaken, as well as OCs, and crossover characters such as Merida, Rapunzel(if not depicted as her cousin), Jack Frost, etc. Characters related to Elsa such as Anna or her parents can also be included in the artwork too as long as there are also characters not related to her in it as well.

Elsa and Anna Sister Love-All artwork in this folder must include both Elsa and Anna. Artwork in here must not include anything such as them kissing on the lips,making out, or being intimate. Artwork drawn ambiguously,but having romantic intent may be included in here if it can be interpreted as sisterly love as well as or instead of romantic love. If you're not sure where your artwork falls in that regard, feel free to send me a note with a link to the piece or post a comment of the link to the piece on the group home page and I'd be happy to clarify things for you. Don't worry. I don't bite. ;)

Elsanna Romantic Elsa x Anna-Here you can post artworks of Elsa and Anna in a romantic relationship. This includes artwork of them kissing, making-out, being intimate, or otherwise doing things a romantic couple would do. Non-romantic pictures or disambiguous pictures that can go either way should be put in the "Anna and Elsa Sister Love" folder instead.

Jelsa Jack Frost x Elsa-Artwork featuring Elsa and Jack Frost in a romantic relationship.

Helsa Hans x Elsa-Artwork featuring Elsa and Hans in a romantic relationship.

Elsa x Other Pairings-Artwork featuring Elsa in a romantic pairing with any other characters besides Anna, Jack Frost, or Hans. I know there are other pairings out there such Elsa x Wreck-it-Ralph, Elsa x Flynn Ryder/ Eugene, Elsa x Kristoff, etc. The reason these don't have their own separate folders is that I haven't seen alot of art depicting each of these pairings. Helsa, Jesla, and Elsanna got their own folders because there are huge amounts of fanarts for these particular pairings and they seem to the "big three" pairings. If it turns out that alot of art of a certain pairing does get submitted to this folder, its own folder will be made.

Elsa x OC-Pictures featuring a pairing of Elsa x a fan and/or original character go here.

Elsa x Reader-Elsa x Reader fanfictions go here.

Elsacest Elsa x Elsa-Pictures featuring Elsa with herself go here. These can include friendship or romantic pairings like for example fanart of Elsa from A Snowflake in Spring x Elsa from r9k or Coronation Elsa x Ice Dress Elsa,etc.

Genderbend Elsa-Pictures featuring a male version of Elsa go here.

Alternate Elsa -Pictures featuring alternate versions of Elsa with different powers or as different creatures such as water Elsa, fire Elsa, earth Elsa, dark Elsa, evil Elsa, vampire Elsa, werewolf Elsa, mermaid Elsa,etc. go here.

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